• 2 Years
    We are coming up on 2 years ago that dad became our angel. It is fast and slow and short and long when I try to think about how the time has passed. As people ask how we are doing, especially how my mom and my youngest brother are doing, it is hard to putContinue reading “2 Years”
  • About our Organization
    We are a family who loves BSU football, waterskiing, snow skiing, running together and our faith in Jesus Christ. In the spring of 2014 our father was diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy–a rare neurodegenerative disorder.  Over the course of 6 years this disease took our father’s ability to participate in the things we love as it attacked his balance, speech, fineContinue reading “About our Organization”
  • Tiffany Christensen, President
    My name is Tiffany Christensen. I am a daughter, sister, mother of 5, friend, and advocate for the Multiple System Atrophy community. I am a self-proclaimed daddy’s girl and my dad, Kurt Williams, was diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy in 2014 with it confirmed in 2015. His symptoms began in early 2013. He is theContinue reading “Tiffany Christensen, President”

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