2 Years

We are coming up on 2 years ago that dad became our angel. It is fast and slow and short and long when I try to think about how the time has passed. As people ask how we are doing, especially how my mom and my youngest brother are doing, it is hard to put into words. We’re doing well, we’re going on with life, but there is still a hole that is there and it probably won’t ever be filled. I think that is okay. Grief is like that, I think. Especially for me. I miss dad. We all do, but we are so grateful for the time that we had with such an amazing man. August 21st is the anniversary of his passing. As we get closer, I am driven to be more involved in the Multiple System Atrophy community because dad wanted us to continue to try to have an impact on that community to try to help others.

Enjoying life even with the rain. (Mom/Grandma Tammi with one of her grandbabies)

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